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Engaging with AIM: A foreword by Pete West. AIM CEO

Dear Colleagues,                                               

Healthcare professionals seek information from a variety of different sources, an increasing amount of which is obtained online.  They do not need to travel to where the information is, the information can come to them.

This is why we have developed AIM to provide a range of educational resources online, which healthcare professionals can access 24/7, 365 days a year.  Not only can they access the information, but they can interact with it and download it for their personal adaptation and use.  Here is an overview of the AIM offering:

Interactive Educational Content

Our content is available only to registered healthcare professionals via the AIM website,  

We have a comments section on the AIM website where members can join in the discussion about the content, or share it via social media, such as Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin and keep up to date with the latest AIM news and developments.

Twitter @aiminfection



Webcast & Podcast  

AIM develops educational programmes online and makes these available in video or audio  format to healthcare professionals throughout the world, via the AIM website. They can be transmitted live to an active audience, who can interact with the presenters in the same way they would do at symposia.  Or they can be pre-recorded and edited.   Either way, the content can be available online 24/7, 365 days of the year.   

Patient Case Studies 

AIM produces “real –life” patient case studies that are extremely valuable for teaching purposes.  Uniquely, we not only produce the case studies, but we provide expert guidance on how they can best be used.  Further, we can present the case studies in an interactive format over the web with a live audience and respond to questions about the same.  The case studies are available, free, for download from the AIM website and may be adapted locally to reflect clinical practice. 

Article Of The Month 

AIM regularly reviews topical articles from clinical journals and posts these on our website, under “Article Of The Month”.  A member of the AIM Faculty produces the review and registered members on the AIM website may contribute comments, allowing discussion around the same and facilitating further learning.  

Accredited Learning 

AIM has the capability to produce comprehensive learning materials for healthcare professionals on any topic relating to infectious disease.  Through our global Faculty and connections with some of the world’s leading medical institutions and Universities we are able to seek accreditation for the same and facilitate online learning. 

Advisory Services 

AIM is able to draw on the advice of some of the world’s leading experts in infectious disease.  We can help all kinds of institutions with an interest in infectious disease to gain deep insights through the creation of an “online Advisory Board” of experts to answer specific questions or give general advice.  This can be done live, in real-time, or passively, through the use of online surveys, polls and questionnaires.  The results can be published for open-access, or restricted for confidential use only.  


AIM is not just about online activities, although this is at our core.  AIM produces educational programmes for presentation at symposia.  These may be integrated symposia at international congress, or a dedicated “AIM standalone meeting”.   In either case, the objective is to communicate with the audience, before, during and after the event and to reach a far wider audience than just those who happen to attend the event on the day.  The content from the symposia is recorded and edited and made available online following the event, thus maximising the audience reach and availability.   

We hope you find our approach to medical education in infectious disease interesting.  In order for us to succeed we are dependent on our partnerships with other medical institutions, governing bodies and industry.  

Sponsors may choose to support AIM through the provision of a medical education grant, in which case AIM will take sole responsibility for the development and approval of the content, or they may prefer to partner with us and have a direct involvement in the development and approval of the same.  In either case, AIM remains responsible for ensuring that the highest standards of education and compliance are met.

To find out more about how AIM can help you, or your organisation, please do not hesitate to contact us, via this website or by email at

Pete West Chief Executive Officer