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AIM is actively engaged in delivering preceptorship programmes to aid learning and disseminate best practice.

We engage our international faculty of experts to work closely with local experts to deliver programmes that are relevant and tailored to local needs.

One such example is a programme we are currently working on in Romania, Eastern Europe.

Following an initial visit to the National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Bucharest, Romania, in May 2019, we commenced work with Professor Adrian Streinu-Cercel to identify a specific area of focus for local improvement, the inter-disciplinary management of infective spondylodiscitis. This is a relatively uncommon infection that presents significant challenges in terms of diagnosis and approach to treatment. The consequences of misdiagnosis and treatment can lead to serious and irreversible complications for the patient.

We have identified three participating centres for this programme, in the geographically and epidemiologically diverse major centres of Iasi, Timisoara and Bucharest.

Our plan is to establish a multi-disciplinary team approach within each participating centre, and across all three centres, that provides support to the designated preceptor and preceptees at each location. AIM will work with the local preceptor to develop a standard approach to the diagnosis and management of this infection, consistent with best practice as evidenced in the literature, and establish standard operating procedures and outcome performance measures based on agreed parameters. AIM’s role throughout will be to provide external expertise and support for the preceptorship programme and the dissemination of learnings from the same.

The project is expected to commence in November 2019, and we will provide updates periodically on this website.

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